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CaSSAMT Call to Action: Oppose AB 387

The California Assembly is considering legislation that would prohibit physicians and healthcare facilities from offering clinical internships to allied health students unless they pay the intern minimum wage. Assembly Bill 387 would expand the definition of “employer” under State law to include any person who directly or indirectly employs or exercises control over the wages, hours, or working conditions of a person engaged in a period of supervised work experience to satisfy requirements for licensure, registration, or certification as an allied health professional. 

Supporters say the bill is intended to help women and minorities who can ill afford to go without pay for the duration of an internship. However, if healthcare providers are required to pay minimum wage to clinical interns, few of them will continue to offer clinical practicum sites to allied health education programs. This would have a devastating impact on allied health education programs, the allied health workforce, and ultimately, on the employers and patients who depend on clinical lab professionals, medical assistants, and other allied health practitioners to provide essential services.

AB 387 is well-intentioned, but bad policy. Contact your Assembly Member today and voice your opposition to AB 387:

Here's a link to find your Assembly Member and send a message:

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